Happy Energy

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy. Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Pranic healing



Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino-Chinese scientist, engineer and international teacher tested and validated every principle and technique over 20 years. Pranic healing uses prana or life energy in order to create health and wellbeing. This therapy clears and corrects energy imbalances of the bodies' aura and chakras. A healthy aura manifests as a glowing field of white light and pure colours around the body. The aura of an unhealthy person maybe dirty, tangled or torn.  

Chakras are the bodies energy centres – when chakras function at their optimum, they facilitate healthy organ and gland function, nourish the physical body and accelerate the rate of healing. Scanning is a diagnostic technique using sensitivity to view and identify the cause of the imbalance. Major or minor chakras could be congested or depleted. Pranic healing corrects energetic deficiencies by repairing, opening energy channels, pulling out negativity and dissolving blockages.  

Cleansing with the aid of a quartz crystal helps remove dirty energy. Energising infuses fresh energy, transforming, assisting and enhancing the quality of life, which leads to the natural strengthening of immunity within the body. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you including a sense of peace and security. 

crystal healing therapy

 Crystals, minerals and gemstones are precious gifts from Mother Earth. The natural offerings of beauty, spiritual conscious wisdom, and profound ability to assist in healing have been respected for centuries in virtually every culture of the world. Each type of stone has a unique talent, colour, shape, texture and special meaning.  

Crystals have vibration frequencies and act as amplifiers when brought in contact with chakras and the aura that surrounds, penetrates and binds the mind, body and spirit of the human body. Chakras rotate at different speeds, constantly in motion and continuously taking in and sending out vibrating energy waves. This is executing by placing crystals on these chakras, or the use of a crystal laser wand to cleanse and energise, bringing about health, vitality, light, healing and personal development.




Reiki is an ancient healing therapy which was rediscovered in the 19th Century by Dr.Mikao Usui of Japan. A spiritual laying of hands, non -invasive, or slightly above the body, combined with the focus on sacred Reiki symbols, connects us to universal energy that is both subtle and powerful in the essence of all living things. Reiki supports and restores health by promoting relaxation, lowering stress, aiding restful sleep and balancing emotions.    


Seichim Healing is a high vibrational energy discovered in the Pyramids by Patrick Zeigler. Egypt itself is a mystical place and hides its secrets well. Hieroglyphs (wall paintings) show a type of hands on healing taking place. They reportedly used sound, crystal and colour healing and the pyramids were energy portals.

Seichim connects the universal Seichim symbols of Egypt and wonderful heart healing energy to help you overcome traumatic experiences, loss or fears with the aim of you feeling a calming sense of peace. Where there is Love, all is possible, without Love we feel our separation from Source, union, not just with ourselves but also with all of creation.  Our spiritual heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our emotional and physical bodies.

All we need is LOVE.


sound healing therapy


 When you are stressed, your whole relationship to sound changes, and everyday sounds can become magnified and contribute to the feedback cycle of the stress, amplifying it even more. By utilizing Sound Healing Therapy, you can become a better listener and more aware of the sounds you take in. Here you will bathe in the sound of ancient Tibetan singing bowls which are 'struck and sung' in specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational sound harmonics at the frequency of "AUM" or "OM". This sound frequency known as that of Perfection impacts the sympathetic nervous system as your brain waves synchronize to the vibrations of the bowls.

The vibrations and sweet complex tones of bells, gongs, chimes, tingshas, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums and vocals deeply penetrate and engage a full body relaxation bringing clarity as you submerge into a contemplatable state where you can hear yourself, while feeling soothed in tranquillity on the wings of healing sound..

reconnective healing

Be immersed in quantum based frequencies, which activate the meridian lines known asacupuncture lines, reconnecting you on a more powerful and evolved level.  Be connected to the entire universe and allowing for the exchange of light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of strings. This triggers the body to renew itself by instilling natural balance and unity with the universe.   


chakra & aura balance


There are seven major chakra’s invisible to the human eye, but can be perceived intuitively. The swirling vortex’s of energy regulate the energy flow throughout the body and need to be spinning at the correct natural frequency in order to maintain a healthy balance. They require realigning to vitalise the physical body, mental and emotional interactions.   

eft - emotional freedom technique

 EFT was developed by Gary Craig and is a form of psychological acupressure based on the ancient principles of acupuncture by gently realigning the energy meridians without the discomfort of needles. Simple tapping with fingertips is used to input kinetic energy into specific meridians while you voice your specific concerns and positive affirmations.

The emotional impact of traumatic memories and incidents that cause emotional distress and physical pain is reduced or removed. EFT is an effective therapy for panic and anxiety, fears and phobia, depression, low self-esteem, abuse, addictions and cravings, physical pain, headaches and breathing difficulties.

By addressing unresolved emotional issues, the body will rebalance itself and allow healing to take place on a conscious and a subconscious level. Your goals and dreams will become clearer for you to move forward.


absent/distant healing


An energy healing treatment that is delivered by distance anywhere in the world, using a range of healing modalities. The same preparation is involved in healing individuals, groups and pets and a phone call or a written email will be forwarded to you providing you with feedback.   

meditation / mindfulness

 Meditation is a healthy foundation which will assist your wellbeing on all levels. The peaceful feeling will make you naturally relax and connect you to your deep inner essence.

You now find yourself here, because you wish to nurture yourself. We only encourage spontaneity and to let your creative soul soar. Here is your opportunity to have your own experience and Happy Energy will facilitate your unique experience - just close your eyes and let what ever happen, happen!

Classes are suitable for beginners, professionals and some are tailored specifically for children, expecting mums, the elderly, private one-on-one and personalized groups. We provide a comfortable and safe healing space which embraces you with ambient atmosphere. You may choose to sit on a chair, or you can bring along a cushion, a thick rug or mat to lie down on the floor, and a good idea is a top blanket or sheet. How you rest is personal and entirely up to you and dressing in comfortable clothing is important to optimize relaxation.

The guidance is effective, practical and insightful. Therapeutic music will be infused with healing modalities such as Reiki, Seichim, Reconnective healing, Pranic healing, Sound Healing Therapy, Crystal Healing Therapy, Visualization, Mantras and Affirmations.

Please call to enquire for classes, dates and prices. Booking is essential. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class.


detox foot spa


 Indulge yourself in the luxury of a warm foot spa while you de-stress by detoxifying and energising your body through the soles of your feet. The electronically charged ions gently eliminate harmful toxins, chemicals, pollution, radiation, synthetics, food processing and preservatives. Accumulation over time can cause chronic conditions, allergies, physical and emotional problems.

Detox foot spa has also been effective in reducing stress, significant pain relief in joints, liver and kidney cleanse, yeast infection and parasite cleanse, raise the quality of sleep and memory, enhance the immune system, improve sexual health, clear acne and wrinkles, purge heavy metals and increase energy.

This is also a pamper treatment by moisturising your feet with your choice of luxurious natural creams especially if you have dry skin by making them feel refreshed and looking great. 

oracle card reading

Oracle cards are an ancient way to connect with angels and spirit guides. Relax, listen with a quiet mind and a humble heart, focus on a question about a situation you face and where guidance and insight are required. The cards operate with the infallible law of attraction and help with clarity and inspiration.   


House Healing & Spirit Clearing


Energetic spring cleaning for a new home you have just moved into or your current home just does not feel right. Homes collect a lot of energy from everyday living and sometimes require clearing cluttered home space and releasing any spirits that are lingering or attached if needed.  

business healing

Treatment for business and it’s premises to clear negative energy or if the business is sick and cash flow is inadequate. The business entity, comprising, the combined energies of the owner, management, key staff and clients that control the business operations, performances and outcomes. The aim is to restore harmony, balance and karma. Individual staff member treatments, to improve efficiency, productivity, performance and reduce absenteeism.  


intuitive readings


 Intuitive awareness is another sense that gently connects to inner wisdom. Useful phrases, specific words, advise and information in the form of channeling, said to be through the guidance of angels or spirit guides.  

Clarity to seeing your needs and illuminating a path of experience by moving things into a state of organisation and ease while learning about yourself and about your journey in life. 

pet healing

  Animals are our friends, family and soul mates. Their love is unconditional and everlasting. Support your pet in their time of need when they are affected with physical or emotional issues such as allergies, illness, injuries, trauma, stress, depression, loss of appetite and environmental issues. Pets of all types can be worked on effectively with healing. A healing treatment is non-invasive and nurturing all aspects of their health.