Happy Energy

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Holistic healing therapies of happy energy. Holistic healing therapies of happy energy.

Client Testimonials



"I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your assistance when I was so sick. Your healings were my saviour. They got me from one long week to the next. Every week I turned up exhausted and in extreme pain and every week I left feeling energized, relaxed and pain free. Your healings were simply wonderful. Your professionalism and your bubbly personality are always a joy to behold. I thank you for your thoughts and advise and I know that without your help I would never have recovered."

"The Doctors told me afterwards that people with my condition simply do not recover. 50% of them die and the other 50% never recover. I'm not sure were that puts me as I am symptom free and fully recovered. I have gone from no feeling from the neck down back to completely normal, thanks to you. From agony, when the feeling started to return, to pain free. From terrified to amazed. From depressed to very happy and extremely grateful. I now have a normal life with my wonderful family and have 2 beautiful grandchildren that I would never have known or been able to play with and enjoy. Thank you. "

"I know you will be able to help many other people with your healings and your beautiful spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’’



“What I have done in the last week. Took my medic alert bracelet off, talked to my family about what I like, believe and have faith in. Forgave myself….then forgave those who I needed to. I read the power of Now. Bought a book about chakra clearing and meditation, which I am using daily. Detoxing my system with a diet change. I talk to the angels and ask for guidance to help me heal. “Feel” love and let my heart guide me, knowing that I am worthy of love from myself and others. It’s been a big week but I am ok! What I believe is what I manifest – time to cut the ties from my old thinking, as my head is my biggest critic. My crystal is my constant companion. Thank you! ‘’

“Just a final note to let you know how I have progressed over the past 7 weeks. My journey is an ongoing one and I am enjoying every step I take! I found the narrow gate to living without fear, resentment and judgement (of myself and others). I have stopped all my medication, MS and Epilepsy, and I have never felt better. No identifying with illness, that’s not who I am. I have adopted a vegan diet, organic, no chemicals, not even a panadol! Life is now simple, - I just let go! The crystal you gave me – it’s still my companion, it has it’s power, plus to me it represents the healing friendship and guidance that was extended in that brief moment when I came to visit you. Thank you! I know that everything I needed is within me, housed in a loving heart and soul. I have spread my wings……& yes I can fly! :) ‘’



“I went to see Cordelia on a whim after having visiting her beautiful shop. I was not going to see her for any particular issue, but Cordelia made a few comments about my 30 year smoking habit that struck a cord and, to my continuing surprise, I did not have another cigarette after leaving the session and had NO withdrawal symptoms at all! I had previously tried to quit hundreds of times. It was too easy! I left with a feeling of calm and confidence that stayed with me for weeks. Cordelia is a truly beautiful person who heals in a way that draws you gently in but does not impose or judge. Bendigo is so blessed to have her”.



“Twelve months ago I was in a bad state, anxious, angry, depressed and bewildered at my life. Then an incident at Christmas time shook me and I knew I had to get some help. I was desperate and would do anything to help me feel better, so Cordelia suggested to do a healing. I had these suppressed feelings that I have been carrying around with me for 25 years but I didn’t know it. They affected my life in every aspect."

"I opened up about a few things and left feeling clear headed and very light. It was amazing how good I felt. Over the next 12 months at different times, things came up that I needed to deal with and I knew Cordelia could help me. With each healing and crystal cleansing came a better person. I feel clear in my head, happy (I didn’t know that I could feel this happy!!), contented and willing to talk and solve problems whereas before I was the one causing them."

"Besides being a great healer, Cordelia is the loveliest person I have met. I thank her for my healing and her friendship which I cherish”.



 "I highly recommend a healing session with Cordelia. She is a fantastic healer. She is gentle, while being very precise at getting to the heart of issues that need healing. Assisting with what one needs to learn. She is wise and her advice has been what I have needed to hear at the perfect time."

"My sessions with her have helped me on my journey, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Her beautiful positive spirit, shines so bright, that it radiates pure love, and it is infectious!"



"Every time I have a healing with Cordelia I am always blown away with the information that comes through and what comes up to be released. I love the feeling of relaxation and always feel supported and cared for.
Cordelia is a very special person and I am so grateful for her healings and recommended her highly."



I was a skeptic regarding house healing and spirit clearing of bad energy, but was desperate to create a happier home environment at Living Well At Bendigo when I was filling in as a Manager there. 

I googled around and found HappyEnergy.com.au. Cordelia did a healing at the facility. It was a lovely gentle healing that I invited several residents to, and they all greatly appreciated it. 

I was skeptical about the outcome of this, but since then the entire energy has become amazingly 'happy' and no bad vibes at all are left at the facility. It is booming as a result of the happy vibes too, so the owners are very happy.  

Since then, I personally went for a healing session and felt amazing. I have known many psychics and Pranic healers in Melbourne, however I definitely believe Cordelia is the most gifted Pranic healer I have ever met on planet Earth so far!! She noted down messages she channeled while doing this, and at the end for a spiritual report of what my issues are to work on,  as well as what messages she received that I needed to address in the future to fine tune my soul to it's optimum.

I sent a lot of my family and friends to Cordelia and they were all amazed by the results, in fact my brother was so happy when he came out of the healing session, that he looked like he had just had a baby!  He was a pretty grumpy skeptic before he went in there though:)

Highly recommended to complement your spiritual fine tuning and optimization levels. Everyone needs a spiritual detox now and then, an excellent idea for self improvement for anyone interested in bettering themselves or their loved ones, and....it is easy!  

Let yourself be happy with HappyEnergy.com.au :)  I did.



My family and I had moved home, when our daughter began mentioning the spirit of a man she would sometimes see.  Initially we thought it might have been her imagination, however time past and she began seeing him more often and was becoming slightly fearful.

We reached out to Cordelia for a house clearing, the clearing was a beautiful process and validated many of our daughters’ experiences.  

Afterwards our daughter said, “I haven’t seen the man with the purple flowers”. The spirit left our home and it felt incredibly peaceful and calm.

We would highly recommend Cordelia for anyone who experiences anything similar.

Many Thanks



At a time in my life when I didn’t think it possible to go on, I started searching for something to help me get through everything that I was dealing with. A friend recommended Cordelia. Desperate and having an open mind to try anything that may work, I went to see Cordelia.

Cordelia is absolutely lovely, works in a gentle way and her healing is something amazing.  Thank you Cordelia, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You truly have an amazing gift. xx


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